Serving Sellers Before, During & After



With a Diverse Portfolio of Transactions I have a toolbox of solutions to handle all transactions types

News You Can Use

I can provide you with up-to-date information and statistics on local market conditions. These can differ substantially from what you hear in media reports, which are often skewed to heighten drama

Maximize Potential

Feel free to ask for specific advice on home maintenance or suggestions for upgrades that will enhance your property's resale value

Let's Talk Value

Request a market analysis when you need an estimate of your home's current value if considering  selling, refinancing, for insurance, estate planning or property tax purposes or to discuss planned or recent improvements in your area that could affect property values 

Across The Map

I can help you, a family member or a friend relocate to  DC or MD, AND also secure the services of a like-minded real estate professional in another part of the country.  Call Me Today

Local Insight

I'm always happy to provide information on community amenities such as parks, trails, or even local events

More than A Transaction

It's about Relationship!  There are many ways to be of service to you outside of an active real estate transaction, so please don't hesitate to call 202-251-8011